Historic Baseball

Historic Baseball

Bringing Baseball History To Center Field

What is Historic Baseball?

Historic Baseball is a site that began to publish histories of players born in South Carolina. Over time, the site has expanded to include other players, teams and leagues. 

How do you choose teams and players to profile?

 Sometimes contributors will profile a player or submit it. Otherwise, the site creator chooses the teams and players to profile as he gets time.

What happened to your pictures?

At one point, the site was attempting to publish photos with profiles. However, some of these images had vague publishing rights. Historic Baseball believes in honoring copyright laws. In addition, cyber thieves were using images from this site by linking directly to them on Historic Baseball’s server. As a non-profit site, we would prefer to keep costs down and not to subsidize someone else’s theft of copyrighted material.

Can I use the material off this site?

The original works of writing and images are the exclusive property of HistoricBaseball.Com and protected under our copyright. The information may be used in school reports and for personal research provided the site is listed as a source when information is published. The original writings, images and pictures on this site MAY NOT be published on any other site without the permission of Historic Baseball.

I have a (any particular item). How much is it worth?

While I am interested in this type of thing — I collect autographed cards, ball and bats in addition to other items related to baseball — I am by no means qualified to make an appraisal on your items.

Why focus on South Carolina players?

That’s where the site creator was born. Besides, that’s the home of Joe Jackson.

Can I link to your site?

Sure, I’d appreciate the exposure from having my URL listed on your site. You may also add your links in the links section of Historic Baseball. Please do not list sites that are commercial in nature.