Historic Baseball

Historic Baseball

Bringing Baseball History To Center Field

The baseball postseason experience was changed forever at the end of the 1903 season. The Boston Pilgrims (Americans, etc.) and the Pittsburg (no “h” at that time) Pirates squared off in a best of nine series. It didn’t take long for this first series to give fans a glimpse of what was to come. Pittsburgh’s Jimmy Sebring hit a home run in the first game. The game also featured the game’s measuring stick for pitchers, Cy Young.

Game 7 is considered to be the turning point of the series. Boston beat Pittsburg starter Deacon Phillippe for the first time in the series and used the momentum to beat him a second time in Game 8 to capture the title.

1903 ScorecardOct. 1 — Pittsburg 7, Boston 3.
W-Phillippe, L-Young. HR – Sebring (Pit)Oct. 2 — Boston 3, Pittsburg 0.
W-Dinneen, L-Leever. HR-Dougherty 2 (B)Oct 3 — Pittsburg 4, Boston 2.
W-Phillippe, L-Hughes.Oct. 6 — Pittsburg 5, Boston 4.
W-Phillippe, L-DinneenOct. 7 — Boston 11, Pittsburg 2.
W-Young, L-KennedyOct 8 — Boston 6, Pittsburg 3
W-Dinneen, L-LeeverOct 10 — Boston 7, Pittsburg 3.
W-Young, L-PhillippeOct 13 — Boston 3, Pittsburg 0.
W-Dinneen, L-Phillippe
Series WinnersFor a complete listing of World Series winners (and even for winners of championship series prior to the modern World Series), please click here.Top Teams in WSThe top teams when it comes to winning World Series championships:Yankees (26)Cardinals & Athletics (9)Dodgers (6)

World Series MVPs

These stars put in MVP performances

In 1955, baseball started to honor the outstanding performance in the World Series with the Most Valuable Player award. Johnny Podres of the Dodgers was the star of the series, pitching to a 2-0 record in a defeat of New York.

World Series winners

   The following list includes all winners and losers in World Series play. The records include the equivalent of the World Series played prior to the establishment of the official series in 1903.

Championship Series (Pre-1900)

1882 Cincinnati Red Stockings 1 Chicago White Sox 1
1884 Providence Grays 3 NY Metropolitans 0
1885 St. Louis Browns 3 Chicago White Stockings 3
1886 St. Louis Browns 4 Chicago White Stockings 1
1887 Detroit Wolverines 8 St. Louis Browns 3
1888 NY Giants 6 St. Louis Browns 2
1889 NY Giants 6 Brooklyn Bridegrooms 3
1890 Louisville Eclipse 3 Brooklyn Bridgegrooms 3

World Series (1903-present)

1903Boston AL5Pittsburg NL3
1904No series held   
1905New York NL4Philadelphia AL1
1906Chicago AL4Chicago NL2
1907Chicago NL4Detroit AL0
1908Chicago NL4Detroit AL1
1909Pittsburgh NL4Detroit AL3
1910Philadelphia AL4Chicago NL1
1911Philadelphia AL4New York NL2
1912Boston AL4New York NL3
1913Philadelphia AL4New York NL1
1914Boston NL4Philadelphia AL0
1915Boston AL4Philadelphia NL1
1916Boston AL4Brooklyn NL1
1917Chicago AL4New  York NL2
1918Boston AL4Chicago NL2
1919Cincinnati NL5Chicago AL3
1920Cleveland AL5Brooklyn NL2
1921New  York NL5New  York AL3
1922New York NL4New York AL0
1923New York AL4New York NL2
1924Washington AL4New York NL3
1925Pittsburgh NL4Washington AL3
1926St. Louis NL4New York AL3
1927New York AL4Pittsburgh NL0
1928New York AL4St. Louis NL0
1929Philadelphia AL4Chicago NL1
1930Philadelphia AL4St. Louis NL2
1931St. Louis NL4Philadelphia AL3
1932New York AL4Chicago NL0
1933New York NL4Washington AL1
1934St. Louis NL4Detroit AL3
1935Detroit AL4Chicago NL2
1936New York AL4New York NL2
1937New York AL4New York NL1
1938New York AL4Chicago NL0
1939New York AL4Cincinnati NL0
1940Cincinnati NL4Detroit AL3
1941New  York AL4Brooklyn NL1
1942St. Louis NL4 New York AL1
1943New  York AL4St. Louis NL1
1944St. Louis NL4St. Louis AL2
1945Detroit AL4Chicago NL3
1946St. Louis NL4Boston AL3
1947New York AL4Brooklyn NL3
1948Cleveland AL4Boston NL2
1949New York AL4Brooklyn NL1
1950New York AL4Philadelphia NL0
1951New York AL4New York NL2
1952New York AL4Brooklyn NL3
1953New York AL4Brooklyn NL2
1954New York NL4Cleveland AL0
1955Brooklyn NL4New York AL3
1956New York AL4Brooklyn NL3
1957Milwaukee NL4New York AL3
1958New York AL4Milwaukee NL3
1959Los Angeles NL4Chicago AL2
1960Pittsburgh NL4 New York AL3
1961New York AL4Cincinnati NL1
1962New York AL4San Francisco NL3
1963Los Angeles NL4New York AL0
1964St. Louis NL4New York AL3
1965Los Angeles NL4Minnesota AL3
1966Baltimore AL4Los Angeles NL0
1967St. Louis NL4Boston AL3
1968Detroit AL4St. Louis NL3
1969New  York NL4Baltimore AL1
1970Baltimore AL4Cincinnati NL1
1971Pittsburgh NL4Baltimore AL3
1972Oakland AL4Cincinnati NL3
1973Oakland AL4New York NL3
1974Oakland AL4Los Angeles NL1
1975Cincinnati NL4Boston AL3
1976Cincinnati NL4New York AL0
1977New York AL4Los Angeles NL2
1978New York AL4Los Angeles NL2
1979Pittsburgh NL4Baltimore AL3
1980Philadelphia NL4Kansas City AL2
1981Los Angeles NL4New York AL2
1982St. Louis NL4Milwaukee AL3
1983Baltimore AL4Philadelphia NL1
1984Detroit AL4San Diego NL1
1985Kansas City AL4St. Louis NL3
1986New  York NL4Boston AL3
1987Minnesota AL4St. Louis NL3
1988Los Angeles NL4Oakland AL1
1989Oakland Al4San Francisco NL0
1990Cincinnati NL4Oakland AL0
1991Minnesota AL4Atlanta NL3
1992Toronto AL4Atlanta NL2
1993Toronto AL4Philadelphia NL2
1994No Series   
1995Atlanta NL4Cleveland AL2
1996New York AL4 Atlanta NL2
1997Florida NL4Cleveland AL3
1998New York AL4San Diego NL0
1999New York AL4Atlanta NL0
2000New York AL4New York NL1
2001Arizona NL4New York AL3
2002Anaheim AL4San Francisco NL3
2003Florida NL4New York AL2
2004Boston AL4St. Louis NL0
2005Chicago AL4Houston NL0