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Jim Gallagher

Died: April 9, 2002

Jim Gallagher, a sportswriter, became the Chicago Cubs’ general manager in 1941. (He is said to have made it known to others that he could do a better job than what the Cubs had at the time). He was 97 when he died in 2002. 

In the early years on the the job, Gallahager drew the ire of local newspapers when he refused to inform them of transactions or trades. He made a number of poor trades including sending future Hall of Famers Billy Herman and Eddie Stanky out of Chicago. Branch Rickey, Dodgers president, described Gallagher as “nothing more than a glorified office boy.”

His high moments came in acquiring Hank Borowy in 1945, Hank Sauer and Frankie Baumholtz in 1949. He also worked in the commissioner’s office and is credited with helping to develop a pension plant for MLB.